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2214 Huckleberry Road

Allentown, Pa. 18104

Tel: 610-435-9287

Fax: 610-435-9163

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Meet The Team

Humphrey's Hydraulics Inc. has been a family run buisness sence George Victor Danenhower started Humphrey's Jack Service in 1955. His son George Henry Dannenhower then took over in 1983. Thirty years later Kevin, Keith and George Danenhower started the third generation of Humphrey's Hydraulics Inc.

Meet the Team
Kevin Danenhower

Owner Operator


Kevin started right out of high school with his own buisness called KD Works, a contracting company. When the economy slowed down Kevin took the oppertunity to run Humphrey's with his two brothers. Now he is the office manager and enjoys interacting with our customers.

P: 610-435-9287

F: 610-435-9163

Keith Danenhower

Owner Operator

Keith started working at Humphrey's straight out of school just like his father did before him. He has exstensive knowledge with hydraulic repair and enjoys working in his field.

P: 610-435-9287

F: 610-435-9163

George V Danenhower

Owner Operator


George went to school to study multimedia and design. After graduating with his associates he started a web based buisness called kenetik web. When the oppertunity to run the family buisness with his brothers presented it self he took it gladly.

P: 610-435-9287

C: 610-435-9163

George H Danenhower
Nina F Danenhower

Retired Owners

George started working at humphreys as a kid with his father at a very young age. When he ment Nina she was working at the Post Office as a mail handler. After getting married they bought Humphrey's from his mother and ran a sucessful buisness for the next 30 years together. Now they both work part time at Humphrey's.

office 610-435-9287

fax 610-435-9163

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