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30 / 50 Ton 2 Stage Air / Hyd Axle Jack

SKU: 545SD
    • The extra light weight and portability makes this the ideal service jack for Service Vehicles

    •2 Stages and lifting capacities of 30 and 15 Ton make this a very versatile jack.
    •The extra long removable handle and rugged rear wheels make for easy positioning in hard to reach places.
    •Air assisted lowering speeds up ram retraction
    •Comes with 2 extensions (75mm/3" + 45 mm/1.75") and saddle adapter
    •Units are tested to -13F(-25C) and +113F(+45C) as well as off center loading to ensure a long life under the harshest conditions
    •Low height makes this one of the lowest operating heavy jacks on the market.
    •Ideally suited for drop axles and other low clearance jobs.


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