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Nylon Chemical Pump

SKU: 8064
  • Model #: 8064

    •Self priming vertical lift pump.
    •Nylon pump with stainless steel plunger rod and Teflon seals.
    •Complete with 2” polypropylene bung adapter for use on 55 gallon (205 litre) drums
    •Excellent for use with Lacquer thinners, Acetone, Antifreeze, Brake Kleen Detergents, Detergents, Glycerine, Water, Weed Killer, mild acids, AdBlue, Urea, DEF, petroluem base media.
    •Fits 15- 55 gallon drums.
    •Delivers 14 oz. per stroke
    •Not recommended for strong acids, bleach or gasolines.
    •Wetted components: Nylon, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel and PTFE


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