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AFF's INVINCIBLE hammers outlast, outclass, and outdo "regular" wood or fiberglass handle hammers.

Similar to the ball-pein hammer in its uses, the flat side is used for general purpose hammering while the wedge-shaped end can be used to effectively crease and form metal in addition to starting large nails or in spreading rivet heads.

Invincible Cross Pein Hammer 3.5 LB / 16"

SKU: 50400
  • INVINCIBLE Hammers feature (1) steel core handles that won't break or come loose from the head, (2) drop-forged heads for maximum hardness, and (3) textured, ozone-resistant rubber grips that absorb vibration and reduce user fatigue.

    • Model 50400 Cross Pein Hammer
    • 3.5 lb head
    • 16" handle
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