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AFF's INVINCIBLE hammers outlast, outclass, and outdo "regular" wood or fiberglass handle hammers.

Sometimes called a machinist's hammer, the flat end can be used for driving rivets, nails, and other general purpose hammering.  The rounded end is specifically designed for peening or shaping  metal, and to flatten rivet heads.

Invincible Ball Pein Hammer 32oz / 14"

SKU: 50300
  • INVINCIBLE Hammers feature (1) steel core handles that won't break or come loose from the head, (2) drop-forged heads for maximum hardness, and (3) textured, ozone-resistant rubber grips that absorb vibration and reduce user fatigue.

    • Model 50300 Ball Pein Hammer
    • 32 oz head
    • 14" handle
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