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A highly efficient design that provides the technician with capabilities to remove, install and transport heavy duty truck clutches.  This heavy duty unit has a greater capacity than most competitive units and has the added versatility of being able to convert the optional adapters for fly wheels, drive shafts, starter motors, auxiliary cases, differentials, brake drums and camel back springs

Cluch Jack

SKU: 3700
  •  •Clutch head assembly turns 360˚ and pivots side-to-side for efficient clutch/engine alignment
    •Two splined alignment shafts (2" OD x 1.18" pilot and 1-3/4" OD x .938" pilot)
    •Clutch assemblies can easily be built on the vertical shaft and then positioned easily under the truck
    •Pump handle rotates 360˚ for ease of operation in virtually any work position
    •Unique clevis pinned alignment shaft allows technician to remove jack to install clutch assembly without obstruction
    •Alignment shafts have "flats" for open end wrench to aid in clutch indexing and internally threaded for slide hammer removal

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