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Designed for capturing or evacuating waste oil from almost any size truck, bus, tractor, passenger vehicle, or aircraft.

Especially useful when oil extraction is preferred over oil drainage, and/or where waste oil needs to be contained/transported from the work area to bulk storage.

Operated one of two ways: (1) drain waste oil from vehicle into basin, then use pressurized air/suction to transfer oil from basin to tank, or (2) use suction probe to evacuate oil directly from the vehicle (through the dipstick tube) directly into the tank.  In either method, the tank is emptied by using pressurized air to transfer oil into bulk storage containment.

Cantilever Waste Oil Drain/Evacuator

SKU: 8888
    • 23.75 gallon tank capacity with a 17 gallon basin capacity
    • 6 suction probes (along with 2 connectors for BMW and VW)
    • 6’ suction hose and 6’ discharge hose
    • Basin includes internal baffles (reduce spillage during movement) and debris screen
    • NOTE: this unit replaces the discontinued AFF model 8880.


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