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Designed for heavy-duty low-profile vehicles that require a longer reach in order to be securely lifted at the vehicle front axle or frame and can also be used on the bumper. The scissor action design and full shop air operation (160 PSI) provide more lift height under low profile vehicles. Using its multiple saddle sizes and adjustments along with its standard drop-axle adapter it can lift from as low as 6-1/2" to a high 53-1/2" with a long 48" forward reach.

5 1/2 Ton Long-Reach Air Lift

SKU: 3596
  • •Steel saddles adjust between 23" & 45" widths to accommodate a variety of vehicle applications
    •48" forward reach (distance from cylinder to saddles)
    •Two saddle sizes and drop axle adapter increase versatility
    •Three-way heavy-duty air valve for precision lifting
    •Automatic safety lock engages in five preset positions
    •Two large pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability
    •Ship wt. 638lbs.


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